Success Story

Success story from a successful program beneficiary: Ms Kot Yak Buoi

Jalle Women Vocational Training Centre has been supporting women to become self-dependent and to promote the economic well-being of their families Among many other beneficiaries from Jalle Women Vocational Training Centre for tailoring is Madam Kot Yak Buoi. She is returnee aged 40 years and a mother of six children. She came back from a refugee camp in the neighbouring Northern Uganda in the year 2008, after being in the camp for 10 years. “I came back from Northern Uganda in the year 2008 through a voluntarily repatriation program supported by the UNHCR,” narrated madam Kot. “While at the refugees camp in Northern Uganda, we used to be provided with everything UNHCR: food, water, health care and basic education was free of charge. But immediately I set foot to South Sudan, everything took a different turn, life became hard. I and my husband could not afford even the basic needs for the family since both of us did not have a formal education or a skill to get a job. Therefore, in January 2009 I opted to joint Jalle Women Vocational Training Centre for tailoring, in order to learn some skills which would enable me to earn a living. Initially I knew only how to mend clothes using my hands, unlike those at Jalle Women Vocational Training Centre who are taught with modern machines, so I became confident while at the centre.” “At Jalle Women VTC, I was first taken through an introduction.

I was shown the body parts of the sewing machine and how they function. After a week, I could use the machine alone without any instructions from my instructor who was so much impressed with my progress. Three months later, I was able to make simple dresses. In May 2009, I borrowed money from my friend and bought my own sewing machine and began to use it. I moved to Marol market where I am currently, and started operating since there were many clients. I began making dresses at the same time sewing torn clothes. I used to sell my dresses to ladies at an affordable price and many were buying from me. I began realizing a change in my living standard; I could buy food and put some money aside to refund back the money I had borrowed. In the year 2011, I bought a cow with some of the money I had saved, not just a cow, but one of its kind known as (Lobar cow) purposely for milk. The cow is feeding my entire family, I have also sent my elder son to school in Uganda and I am now am able to pay his school fees.“Now I have set up my semi-permanent house now almost complete, also with the savings from my sewing machine. Furthermore, I am now a member of the Community-Managed Micro Finance (CMMF) belonging to one of the self help groups (SHG) supported by Nile Hope Development Forum based in Marol market. Now I am not relying on my husband anymore although he is employed, I can buy food for my family and meet other needs that may arise.”The challenges I face now are not many, but just that one of the machines broke down and that has been a setback but hope to have it repaired and continue working as normal. I am appealing to all the women who are out there not to sit idle, but to join a VTC like Jalle Women, where they can exploit their potential and later engage in self-employment like me,” says Madam Kot. “I am grateful to the Stromme Foundation for the support they gave me during my time at jale women vocational training centre and I request their continued support to more centres in the future.”

12 month Old girl who come with Severe malnutrition to walgak OTP

Nyanyal Nyabil, 12 month old girl from kuernyuon village in walgak payam, Akobo county was brought by her mother to the OTP center after being referred by the community mobilizer during the case finding mission in the community. Anthropometric assessment showed a MUAC of 10.5cm, 7.2 kgs and a height of 73 cm (-3 SD) hence admission to the OTP program after successfully passing the appetite test. After a period of six consecutive weeks of intensive therapeutic treatment with RUTF and follow up by the community mobilizer and CNV, the child improved dramatically and was discharged from the program after 15% weight gain (8.3kg).Her mother Nyalwal Deng thank the staff of Nile Hope and the entire nutrition program for the timely intervention and great effort in curbing the rate of malnutrition in Walgak. She said that, through the education sessions, she had gained a lot of very useful knowledge which she will practice by providing Nyanyal and her other children a balanced diet. She said she will also be active in disseminating the knowledge to other community members as she had seen the benefits first hand.

‘The program should not stop since we do have other children in the community that require these services” Nyawal Deng.