Strengthening Communities for Sustainable Development

Nile Hope epitomizes the spirit of Localization of both humanitarian and Development Aid in South Sudan. We are passionate about building sustainably resilient communities to restore and maintain the dignity of disaster affected populations. Essential to Nile Hope’s lifesaving humanitarian work is our commitment to help rebuild safer, stronger places that people call home. We promote social justice, bring basic services closer to people and open up economic opportunities that makes communities more resilient and less vulnerable to the forces that cause emergencies. Since inception (2004) we have been able to reach millions of people through our emergency and development projects through generous contribution from our reliable donors.

Our attributes

  • We emphasize on local actions and solutions
  • We advocate at national and international level to influence meaningful change at all levels
  • We remain prepared
  • We collaborate with other actors to achieve positive change
  • We are gender sensitive, putting prime focus on the needs and empowerment of women and girls.
  • We use Integral Human Development approach
  • We consult widely with the community we are serving
  • Committed and qualified Personnel

We are efficient and accountable to the beneficiaries (right holders), duty bearers, partners and donors.

Our Vision

Empowered, Resilient Communities


Strengthening Communities for Sustainable Development

Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Equity and Justice
  • Human Dignity and Rights
  • Gender Equity and Justice
  • Peaceful Co-existence
  • Focus on Households

Guiding Principles

  • Neutrality
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Openness and Innovation
  • Competent Professionalism
  • Value Addition and Cost Saving


  • Integrity
  • Pro-activeness
  • Compassion
  • Timely Response to Needs
  • Pursuit of Quality

Geographical Reach

Nile Hope has experience working in 8 of the 10 states in South Sudan covering 29 counties over the years with both short term and long term projects.
State Counties
1.      Jonglei Akobo, Uror, Pibor, Twic East, Fangak, Pigi Canal, Duk, Bor South, Nyirol , Pochalla
2.      Upper Nile Nasir, Maiwut, Ulang, Panyikang
3.      Unity Leer, Rubkona,Koch, Mayendit, Panyijiaar, Guit, Abiemnom, Mayom, Pariang
4.      Western Bahr el Ghazal Wau
5.      Central Equitoria Juba
6.      Warrap Twic
7.      Lakes Awerial
8.      Northern Bahr-el-Gazal Aweil
9.      Western Equitoria Yambio