Leer Kitchen garden success story

Nile Hope implemented the kitchen gardens in Leer County as one of the ways of promoting behavior change feeding habits and to help households to diversifying their diets despite years of violence that have destroyed livelihoods and disenfranchised communities. What is possible with further support to local communities is now clear! Before preparing the gardens, […]

Story of Recovery from severe acute malnutrition of Nien Gariek in Leer SC

A 12-month boy Nien Gariek was brought by his mother Nyaroun Kuok, a widow with disability and also with mental problem. The family member and the mother said they had lost hope that the child would survive after seeking several medical interventions and even visited the prominent traditional doctor without improvement. Just before coming to […]

Local and nimble: getting things done in South Sudan

Nile Hope staff travel through the swamps by canoe. Sometimes it can take two days to reach a remote destination. 50 years of experience has taught us that one of the most effective ways to get work done – especially in conflict-affected countries – is to work through local partners. Finding the right partners is […]

WFP South Sudan Situation Report

Highlights • WFP has assisted 4 million people with food and nutrition assistance across South Sudan between January and June 2022. • Continuing increase in global fuel prices, depreciation of the South Sudanese Pound, obstacles to trade and seasonal factors have led to food and fuel price hikes in South Sudan since the start of […]

South Sudan faces growing food crisis as million go hungry

Record-breaking drought continues to scorch wide swaths of sub-Saharan Africa, from Somalia in the east to Niger in the west. Humanitarian groups say tens of millions are hungry and conditions are being made even worse by the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fred de Sam Lazaro has our report South Sudan, where nearly two-thirds […]