Food Security & Livelihoods

The food security situation in South Sudan continues to deteriorate due to conflict-driven displacement, low crop production, economic crisis, climatic shocks and humanitarian access challenge. Nile Hope has a variety of projects in South Sudan to provide food assistance to prevent famine and improve food consumption, dietary diversity and coping strategies for vulnerable populations through unconditional unrestricted cash assistance. Further, the program enhances food production through provision of complementary vegetable seeds, crop seeds, fishing kits and livestock support.

In order to contribute to reducing dependency on food and agricultural inputs to support and strengthen households’ ability to absorb shocks, Nile Hope continue to support Income generating activities (IGA); Village Savings and Loans association (VSLAs), asset rehabilitation through cash for work, Producer groups capacity building trainings on value addition and marketing , Community managed disaster risk reduction (CMDRR) , Support to seed fairs using locally sourced seed; seed security, Support market functionality e.g. assist traders to re-supply markets/ local procurement.

Nile Hope’s Food security and Livelihood projects are designed to provide high impact and build resilient communities amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis since South Sudan’s Independence.

Through provision of fishing kits, families are able to get fish for their households!
Provision of livestock to household has helped to boost Livelihoods in the long run!
Supporting households to setup kitchen gardens has helped in improving household food availability!