Peace Building

Nile Hope Peace Building Department seeks to address the underlying causes of conflict, helping people to resolve their differences peacefully and lay the foundation to prevent future violence by equipping community leaders, women, men, youth and faith based group with knowledge’s in conflict resolution and peaceful co-existence. Since the formation of Nile Hope in 2004, it has implemented a number of peace building projects with the support from different donors. Nile Hope is constantly engaging youth, women, church leader’s community leaders and the local community on early warning and early responses on conflict and disaster Risk Management to enhance social cohesion, conducts peace building event through sport, drama and traditional dance and bringing conflicting communities together to dialogues and have common understanding to compensate the deceases instead of revenge killing. This initiative has helped the communities of Ulang town, Doma, Yomding and Kuich payam to live peacefully and run their daily activities without any fear for revenge killing.

Doma Peace signing Ceremony
Peace building ceremonies organized by Nile Hope